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Newly designed dashboard
Newly designed dashboard with the clinician in mind
Quickly search clients and plans, see key trends and performance information at a glance.
See key trends and performance charts
Quickly flip between full screen graphs reimagined in bold new colors, giving you a clear picture of client progress. Go back in time to view changes over time.
Trend and performance charts
Peak Performance chart
Reflect on peak performance over time
Each session is measured against the client’s previous session to give a clear picture of their individual progress.
Redesigned charts convey asymmetry and activation ratios at-a-glance
Performance ratios are color-coded to quickly reflect their session’s peaks and problem areas. Clear labeling convey how the data relates back to client moods and level of relaxation.
Asymmetry and Activation charts
Home training settings
Manage home training plan settings easily
Turn on and off home training capabilities, manage types of feedback, session results and progress tracking.
View session history over time
High-level session metrics and training patterns over time are displayed in calendar views.
Training session metrics
Integration with Eeg Assessment
Easily record, upload and analyze
Brain maps are automatically uploaded to the qEEG Assessment site where protocols are statistically generated from the map analysis and automatically downloaded to the training software. Session training outcomes are also uploaded automatically to the map site for future analysis and comparison purposes.

Let's recap...

Advanced Features
  • Monitor 3D Z-Scores live as you run your training sessions
  • Photic Entrainment included on all computers
  • Four-Channel Multi-Variant Coherence Training
  • NeuroMeditation Training
  • Proportional Tones for Peak Perfomance Training
client friendly
Simple Home Training
  • Monitor results and change protocols from anywhere
  • Grow your office without growing your office space
fully integrated
  • Easily accessible on
  • EEG recordings upload directly to Brain Map reports
  • Training session reports automatically generated
fully integrated
Syncronized Training Data
  • Client can train on any computer in your office
  • Access your training data on any computer
  • Your data is backed up to the NewMind Cloud
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