Artifact Free Training

The New Mind Training Software filters out artifact in real time during training so that clients train more efficiently. Artifact-free EEG and session trend screens show more accurate changes in the brain. This allows for more effective training with children who move excessively, as well as sessions focused on training frontal locations that produce excessive EMG and eyeblink artifact.

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Fully IntegratedWith Internet qEEG System

Brain maps are easily recorded and automatically uploaded to the qEEG Assessment site where protocols are statistically generated from the map analysis and automatically downloaded to the training software. Session training outcomes are also uploaded automatically to the map site for future analysis and comparison purposes.

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Highly Flexible
Train one, two, or four channels at a time up to 19 channels depending on your amplifier. Easy to use photic controls for photic training and easy on-the-fly adjustments during training. Video contrast training for DVDs, games, or streaming video. Live headmap training images. Single level controls require no multilevel menus for operation. Works seamlessly with Windows 8 or 10.


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Drawing from both decades of clinical experience as well as the latest research in neurofeedback, New Mind Training Software offers an elegant and simple format that is easy to use and easy to understand. All for an affordable price.