Learn more about New Mind Training Features

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New Mind Training Software is the Latest Generation

Drawing from both decades of clinical experience as well as the latest research in neurofeedback, New Mind Training Software offers an elegant and simple format that is easy to use and easy to understand.

Go Paperless with New Mind Maps

This software seamlessly interfaces with the New Mind Map System. QEEG data is recorded automatically in serial acquisition mode without a need for a switchbox. Data is automatically artifact-free and uploads directly to the site along with training session data.

Client Folder Setup is Simple and Fast

Protocols can be selected in one click from the New Mind Protocol Library or manually designed from our easy to use Set Up Screen. Choose between one, two or four channels. Past sessions can be quickly reviewed on the same Set Up Screen for referencing to make last minute updates and changes.

Artifact-Free Trend Lines

Trend lines show only artifact-free training for a clearer picture of training dynamics and better accuracy in assessing session performance. Left and Right Asymmetry Meters provide cumulative sessions means for both alpha and beta asymmetry. Slow to Fast Wave Ratio Meters provide quick assessment of arousal and inhibitory control. EMG meters indicate client levels of bracing and distress.

Zukor Games

Zukor Games allow the clinician a different mode of visual feedback. Zukor Games are integrated with the New Mind Software and come with a Carnival Ball Tossing game and Zukor Sports. These games are multileveled and are great for kids.

New Mind Home Training System

Training clients remotely has never been easier. Our easy-to-use home training software is simple to set up with your clients. Monitor client progress from your clinical software remotely from anywhere. Grow your office without having to grow your physical office space!

Monitor Home Training Clients Easily

Set up, adjust, and monitor your home training clients all from your clinical software. With our Plan Info screen, clinicians can view pertinent information regarding home training clients quickly and easily.

Session Review Screen

Click on any session in the client folder for quick and easy access to past session trend screens. Easily adjust all trend screen parameters for sessions analysis.

Testing Connection Made Easy

The ability to test your connections is imperative to collecting an accurate map. Ensure your connections first, then collect a 19 point qEEG that is artifact-free and ready for uploading and analysis.