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  • Incredibly user-friendly! Switching to New Mind Training software and hardware has completely extinguished all frustration with the common challenges technicians and clinicians run into when attempting to produce a quality session in a timely fashion. Keeping session to session notes is effortless and paperless, ability to review progress as trends develop is clearly organized and available at your fingertips at any time, anywhere! Mapping is a breeze, clear signal quality is so easy to obtain, extensive troubleshooting is a thing of the past! I have much cleaner signals when using New Mind hardware with the New Mind Software. (However, New Mind Software is compatible with other hardware and works great!) Tech support is stellar, response time is immediate and “in the moment” assistance is also readily available. Even the most seasoned neurofeedback clinician will be thrilled with the training options available! I love the freedom to easily tailor custom built feedback sessions to meet the special needs of each client. 

  • Since I started using the New Mind Trainer and software exclusively (about 2 years now), my clients' comparison reports have shown significantly higher percent changes, with increased % change toward normalization within 20 sessions! We are currently seeing average percent changes in the high 30’s - high 40’s vs. the high 20’s to low 30’s as seen when using other equipment and software in the past. Clients are reporting positive lasting results in this time resulting in the completion of their neurofeedback program in 25-30 sessions! It is rare that I encounter a case that requires 40+ sessions. 

    Sheri Reichman, NFB Specialist, BCT
    East Valley Naturopathic Doctors
    Mesa, AZ
  • I am grateful that Bill Mrklas from Brainmaster pointed me to New Mind a year ago when I was a disoriented beginner who was looking for the most affordable, highest capability entry point into qEEG and neurofeedback, because I have learned so much I likely would simply not have learned otherwise had I jumped right in and bought into a more narrowly-focused ecosystem like NeuroField, Cygnet, etc. The steep financial entry bars for many systems are limiting, but you could think of New Mind not as a competing system, but a good platform on which to build the basic skills and knowledge that any more advanced system builds on, depends on, or takes for granted. The NewMind software platform seems impressive and distills things that will accelerate your learning, but there are so many different ways to enter and grow. You can also use New Mind with Brainmaster amps and many others, while also learning from the perspective of what other software platforms and ecosystems have to offer. 

  • Indeed, many thanks to the NewMind group, Dr. Soutar and the whole group has been extremely supportive and I encourage every new person to carve out the time every week…three whole hours in this forum of learning, support, Q&A, encouragement, research, and best of all fellowship. When I suffered my head injury, they were all there for me during recovery. 

    With heartfelt gratitude BB
  • Having been in your shoes, I would like to offer my thoughts.  I started with LENS, bought all sorts of equipment (much of it I don't use). Start with what has the strongest evidence base.  Amplitude training.  New Mind system is the most user friendly.  Richard's new software has made things a lot simpler, and he can mentor you on how to use it.  (Brainmaster Atlantis was a bigger learning curve. 

    Resist the urge to feel that you have to buy what looks trendy - JH
  • I have been using NewMind for the last two years and am very happy with the ease of use and the constant support and webinars they provide. NewMind is also the least judgmental forum I belong to, in fact I feel they go above and beyond to make sure everyone feels comfortable no matter where they are in NFB.. Just the fact that NewMind allows discussions of other platforms shows how committed they are to provide the best support in the market.

  • Yes, the support here IS strong.  I am a beginner of about 2 years and I feel like the NewMind system and software is integrative, thorough and quite simple as compared to the other software I have been using to learn NF.  I initially bought the Atlantis 4x4 per Dr S’s recommendations and I feel like I am getting a good foundational understanding of 2-channel training as well as brain mapping experience. Tech support is extremely responsive, patient and helpful.  They have developed a great community and supportive mentoring.  I will stay with NewMind for sure.  

  • The community, the software platform, and the qEEG is amazing and well-distilled, with a flexibility and openness that makes learning into niche neurofeedback methods very easy with greater objectivity.

  • The user-friendliness, look, simplicity of your NewMind software is simply outstanding. What a delight to use! You and your team just have got yourself a BIG FAN here, Richard. The tool is practical, versatile, efficient and very easy to handle. Congratulations. I am very impressed. I will certainly recommend it left and right. Thank you very much for having invested the enormous efforts of creating it. I also have worked with your amplifier for the first time the last couple of days. It works flawlessly, is handy, looks much less scary than a black Atlantis or Discovery - ideal for the purpose.

    Martin Gremlich
  • I have been practicing neurofeedback for 10 years and BCIA mentoring upcoming neurofeedback professionals for several years who use several brands of neurofeedback equipment. When the New Mind Trainer came out with its own neurofeedback software, I decided to test drive this new system.  I now use the New Mind Trainer and software exclusively in my neurofeedback practice and for conducting qEEGs.  If you are a beginner in neurofeedback, or a seasoned clinician who utilizes 1, 2 and 4 channel training paradigms, you need to consider the New Mind Trainer and/or using the New Mind Software with your existing system. If you provide qEEG assessments the New Mind Trainer and software are easy to use and provide the clinician or technician with both raw and edited qEEG data. The New Mind Trainer and software are easy to use, provide the clinician or technician with easy to understand and unique methods of assessment, the ability to view training sessions in real time, with a unique, integrated program that connects clients/patients to a clinically based online mapping system as part of a holistic/wellness health care model.

    Robert E. Longo